In order to get the most out of your music lessons when using eStaccato, minimum requirements are in place

Lesson-ready devices

In order to run eStaccato, you need a device that is connected to the Internet and can open webpages.

eStaccato supports Windows PC and tablets, Apple (MacOS) and Linux computers.

Internet browsers

eStaccato is a web-based application and it must be accessed by using the latest version of Google Chrome as a browser. Please download for free and install the latest version of Google Chrome (PC, MacOS and Linux versions can be found here). For Android users, please download your Chrome from the Play Store.

Microphone and web-camera

eStaccato is a system optimized for music. In order to deliver the most truthful sound possible, there are no digital effects involved. You will hear a wide range of dynamics and touches allowing you to experience a lesson similar to the one in your classroom. Please, keep in mind that the overall result will always depend on what equipment you have at hand. Your experience will dramatically improve with a higher quality equipment. More information on the recommended equipment can be found here.

Headphones for teachers

In order to deliver amazing sound, there is no echo cancellation. Echo cancellation is a digital effect designed to adjust certain frequencies which results into distortion of the music. Therefore, teachers are required to wear headphones allowing the students to play freely.

Internet connection

Your experience with eStaccato will depend on your internet connection. No need to worry, a normal household internet connection should be more than sufficient. For the full quality of your lessons on eStaccato you will need 1.2 Mbit/s upload and download connection speed. Log in to easily check this through our connectivity test!

Recommended Equipment

Your Device

A Windows PC desktop, laptop or tablet, a Mac OS device or MacBook, a Linux device.

Generally, your device should not be older than 6 years.

Avoid using computers with power saving processors (such as Intel Atom).

The Browser You Use

The latest version of Google Chrome. Please allow automatic updates of Google Chrome to make sure you have the newest version available.

A Proper Microphone

Depending on your budget we introduce two possible microphones which will provide you with a great sound:

Samson Meteorite: At a price tag around €40 (£31), you are looking at an extremely small and handy, yet very capable condenser microphone. The Meteorite will do a very good job of capturing the sound in your immediate vicinity. It is very clear and even indicates when the sensitivity is too high. Due to its surprisingly small size and light weight, it is an invaluable companion for your travels - it will easily fit into your pocket, let alone a hand luggage or an instrument case. And the drawbacks? Due to its size, it does less of a good job working with larger instruments and if placed further away from the source of the sound. Experienced musicians and sound lovers might not be a 100% satisfied with the sound, but at this price tag, this is a great companion.

Blue Yeti: The Yeti costs around €130 (£100) and can take your experience to a whole new level. A full scale microphone with physical gain settings and well as four modes will give you the versatility the Meteorite won't. It is also much bigger and heavier, making this microphone a bit less travel friendly. But when properly set up, the Yeti will give you a fabulous sound reaching the levels you would expect from studio recordings. Of course, it all depends on additional settings such as mode, position and sensitivity, but the Yeti is eStaccato's number one choice. Drawbacks include its size and weight, and if we were to be very picky, the Yeti seems to perform slightly less good with the sound of piano. On the other hand, try some bass instrument and you will be enjoying a rich and truthful sound.

A Suitable Webcam

Any inbuilt or external webcam is usually sufficient. External webcams give you more freedom in positioning. If you are looking to purchase a new webcam, the following recommendation should suit every budget:

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000: price level of €26 (£19) – good image quality

Logitech C310 HD: price level of €30 (£25) – good image quality

Logitech C525 HD: price level of €40 (£33) – very nice positioning system, flexible and easy to use

Logitech C920: price level of €75 (£50) – supreme image quality, comes with a microphone too

Speakers and Headphones

Depending whether you are a student or a teacher, you will need either speakers or headphones.

For students: Integrated speakers can be sufficient, but if you want to make use of the high quality sound eStaccato offers, you should look into an external set of speakers or connect your computer to your existing audio system.

Examples of manufacturers of PC speakers include Logitech, Creative or Genius. We recommend purchasing a set which suits your budget. Have a listen to the speakers before purchasing them to make sure you are comfortable with the sound.

For teachers: A set of headphones is required for teachers during the lessons. Because we don’t use any sound altering techniques to deliver as truthful sound as possible, it is nessecary for teachers to use headphones.

Examples of high quality manufacturers include Sennheiser, Sony, Audio Technica, Bose and much more. Avoid using wireless headphones as they are not suitable for a live communication. Similarly to speakers, we recommend purchasing such headphones which suit your budget. In any case, please do listen to your new set prior to the purchase.