For Institutions

Music education enters the online world, bringing countless possibilities to institutions and unlocking the full potential of the internet. eStaccato enables you to offer high quality music education and reach out to everyone with an internet connection.

Your teachers and students can be everywhere!

Enhance the learning experience for your students: offer an online option! No more cancelled lesson, no more missed opportunities.

Enhance your online visibility!

Be in touch with the fast growing community of fantastic musicians and teachers, and keen students of all ages, levels and styles.

Provide your services online!

eStaccato brings you online auditions. An easy way to save money, time and space while making sure that your students are of the needed level to study at your institution. Get to know your students even before: online consultation lessons are just what the students and teachers need to find the right connection.

Link with the whole world!

eStaccato can help you to link with many outstanding musicians around the world: bring them to your students for real-time lessons and masterclasses online, while saving on travelling and accommodation.

Take your institutions online with eStaccato

How does it work?

eStaccato is open to everyone, ranging from music schools to agencies. Let us know that you want to become a part of our community and we will be in touch with you shortly.

If you represent a music school, you will be given a business account. Invite all your teachers and students through the inbuilt invitation tool. They will be automatically linked with your institution, being able to benefit from your licence.

How much does it cost?

It depends on how many lessons you wish to purchase per month. Let us know your needs and we will come back to you. Your offer will be tailor made and personal, making sure it fulfils the need of your business.

Once you purchase your licence, your teachers and students can have lessons with each other – just like they would in your classrooms!

Do you represent a business other than a music school?

eStaccato is open to every music related business. Contact us to speak about the possibilities. From publishers and instrument builders to orchestras and chamber music groups, everyone is welcome on board.