General Questions

eStaccato is developed for music education. The connection is of the upmost importance to us. If your internet connection is good enough we guarantee a stable connection suitable for music learning and teaching.
In order to deliver as truthful sound as possible, eStaccato does not alter the sound in any way. Because of that, your experience will be just as your usual lessons. The quality of the sound transmitted will depend on the quality of your microphone. We recommend purchasing an external microphone to achieve the best results. More about microphones, read here.
In order to experience the top quality eStaccato can offer, you must have at least 1,2 Mbit/s download speed and 1,2Mbit/s upload speed. This connectivity will allow you to use eStaccato on the highest settings. If your internet is slower, you may still use eStaccato for your lessons. The inbuilt connectivity test will automatically determine the speed of your connection and set quality of your video in such a way, when uninterrupted lessons with a perfect sound is possible. For more information, read Minimum Requirements.
eStaccato is available worldwide. However, it can depend on your internet provider and the connectivity you have to our servers. If you are in doubt whether you can use eStaccato at your location, please drop us an e-mail to arrange a quick free try-out session.
eStaccato is a webbased tool, which means that no software has to be downloaded. The only requirement is that the latest version of Google Chrome has to be used. If you don’t have this browser or the required version you can download it for free here. More information in Minimum Requirements.
At the moment it is not possible to record your lessons. In the future we will allow teachers and students to record their lesson when both sides agree on it. In case of minors, different rules apply.
You need to have a video camera (webcam) and a microphone, ideally an external microphone which can be connected to your device (USB or audio/jack connector).
We support payments with credit card and debit card. For users from the Netherlands we also support iDEAL payments.
You can choose which details are made visible for other users. In the profile editor you can select three options. Private, colleagues and public. So you decide who you share your details with.
You can invite anyone you want. You can tell them they can sign up at, send them an invite through the invitation tool or let us know the name and email address of a specific student/teacher/colleague and we will invite them for you.
The amount of lessons you teach/receive are fully up to you. You can teach/receive as much lessons as you want without any restrictions.
When someone sends you a request you will receive a notification email from eStaccato. You will also be able to see any incoming request when you log in to eStaccato.
eStaccato is built to give you the possibilities to teach/receive lessons anywhere you want. The only thing you need is a laptop with the right equipment (see above) and a stable internet connection (see above).
Unfortunately this is not possible. Due to the physical restrictions of the internet, there will always be a latency which, depending on the distance, will make playing together impossible.
Yes, minors are allowed to receive lessons on eStaccato, however to ensure the safety of the student and the teacher there are guidelines.


Your account is completely free. You will only pay for the lessons you book with your teacher, just as you would pay normally. The cost of the lesson depends on your teachers, as they can set any price they want.
eStaccato is a platform for music education, allowing teachers to offer their services online. Because of this, we are not setting prices for the lessons. Teachers decide their prices as they see fit, based on their knowledge and experience. We offer a basic guideline prices based on Bands, but ultimately, it is up to the teacher to decide. (Please mind that following pricing is only a very broad guideline and may differ according to the country of your teacher’s residence.)
  • Band A: € 70 and more
  • Band B: € 50 - € 70 Euros
  • Band C: € 35 - € 50 Euros
  • Band D: € 20 - €35 Euros
At the moment, eStaccato only supports payments in Euro (€).
At this moment you can ask any teacher for a lesson. The option to specify who is allowed to contact certain teachers will be introduced in later stages.
The teachers on eStaccato are put into different Bands, based on their experience. Ranking from Band A (Conservatory teachers) to Band D (music student), there is a teacher for every student. Teachers are obliged to submit their qualifications to us before they are allowed to teach on eStaccato. This way you can be sure that you are in safe and qualified hands whoever you decide to work with! Read more about Bands.
eStaccato is open to everyone who wants to use the right system to learn music. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, young or old, playing classical or jazz. While our ambassadors are the best and most experienced musicians, on eStaccato you can find a wide range of teachers for everyone. eStaccato implements a system of Bands to categorise music teachers according to their experience. The Bands are A, B, C and D. Our ambassadors are Band A teachers and admittedly not the right choice for someone who just started to learn! Band B teachers represent very experienced teachers, with years of knowledge and active careers as teachers. Band C teachers are musicians who finished their diplomas in music performance or teaching. Band D teachers are music students at the start of their careers - full of energy, focus and promise.


At the moment, eStaccato only supports payments in Euro (€). If you wish your earnings to be send in a different currency, you will be liable for the exchange fees. We will however use a low cost transfer services such as TransferWise to minimize such costs.
Your account is completely free – you will pay nothing at all until you give your first lessons. eStaccato is a commission based platform. When a teacher and student agree on a price, eStaccato charges a basic commission for the use of the platform and small transaction and connection fees. This means that you only pay when you earn money yourself. Free lessons are only allowed as part of eStaccato’s trial lessons or when otherwise specifically stated. For more details on commissions, please read the Terms of Use.
You are guaranteed to get paid once your lesson starts and finishes, and as far as you are not in breach of Terms of Use of eStaccato. Students have to pay the lesson price before the start of the lesson through our secure payment system. This means that you can rest calmly knowing that you will get your money!
At this moment everyone can ask you for a lesson, in order to increase interaction on the network. The option to specify who is allowed to contact certain teachers will be introduced in later stages.


eStaccato is not a music school, it is a platform allowing music teachers and music schools to provide their services online, in a high quality environment. As such we do not offer courses or diplomas, but we allow our business users to do so using the platform.
A music school is considered a business user and as such, it receives a business account. Through this business account, music schools can connect their teachers and students and offer their own educational services online.
Absolutely. Music schools will have the option to purchase a licence allowing their teachers and students to connect with each other in an instant.
We deal with business users on a case by case bases. We recognise that every business, school or institution has different needs and we are ready to match these needs with a tailor made offer. Let us know that you wish to become a business user of eStaccato and we will make you a personalised offer.

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