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eStaccato is brought to you by EduOn Solutions, a start-up company founded in August 2013 and based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. It has three founding members, Pavel Ambroz, Harm Meurders and Jan Ambroz.

In EduOn Solutions, we believe that education is a key to every culture. It is a traditional value, which defines the human race since its first steps, and which is recognized as one of the most important values all around the world. In the distant past, the knowledge was given from parent to child, from master to apprentice.

Later, the first schools were established as people were more and more aware of the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences with the new generations.

In recent history, we are witnessing an increased number of schools of all types, with education becoming more available than ever before. However, we still have a long way to go, as not everyone has the same opportunities and possibilities.

It greatly depends on where you were born, where you live and what your financial situation is. After the internet revolution, we entered a new digital era. Information is within the reach of everyone with an internet connection, yet information does not fully represent education. However, in EduOn Solutions we believe, that the Internet is a tool, which can provide the next steps.

EduOn Solutions is devoted to helping people become excellent in what they love, music. Our mission is to combine cultural and traditional values with the present, bringing knowledge and experience within the reach of everyone.

Why choose eStaccato?

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Meet our team

eStaccato is a platform built for musicians by musicians!

Pavel Ambroz Pavel Ambroz – CEO –

Believe in something is the first step of making a difference, of changing the world if even a little bit. That’s the main thing I learnt from music. And I believe that eStaccato can make that difference.

Harm Meurders Harm Meurders – CSO –

A dimension that can reach millions of people with the click of a button, which can inspire a whole new generation.

Jan Ambroz Jan Ambroz – CTO –

All fresh technologies, new media are proof of human capabilities “right now”. Education, on the other side, is an “old” permanent value. I am happy to associate myself with a project that combines both the present and the traditional.


eStaccato is regarded as the number one platform for high quality music lessons online. See what our satisfied students and teachers say!

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