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eStaccato offers an outstanding sound quality: the experience will be just like your usual lessons, including all the important small nuances in colour, dynamics and tone!


Available for everyone, everywhere. No need to download anything, eStaccato will work anywhere with an internet connection. All you need is a computer with a microphone, webcam and the latest version of Google Chrome browser.


eStaccato has received great support from the music community: partnering conservatories around Europe and numerous fantastic teachers of all instruments and styles, acting as ambassadors.

Learn to play music online

eStaccato delivers a great choice of fantastic teachers right into your practice room.

Without the need to spend time and money on travelling, with eStaccato you can reach out to some of the best teachers around the world with a click of a button.

More choice will give you the opportunity to find the right teacher, and the possibility of extra advice from others, whenever you need.

The high quality sound will allow your teacher to help you with every part of your playing.

This means you can learn anything, from the first guitar chord or piano tune to an advanced master piece.

Get to know your teacher before going abroad to study.

Thinking of studying or having lessons abroad? Having the right teacher will make the difference! Get in touch with them beforehand, to get the most out of your studies.

Always wanted to learn to play an instrument?

On eStaccato, everyone is welcome. Every age, stage, instrument and style. From beginners to advanced, there is a right teacher for all.

No matter if you learn from music students, graduates or experienced teachers, your lessons will be full of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm.

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eStaccato is regarded as the number one platform for high quality music lessons online. See what our satisfied students and teachers say!

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Ambassadors Supporting eStaccato

eStaccato is widely recognised as the best platform for online music lessons available to you.

eStaccato has fantastic support from the music community: represented by some of the best musicians and music teachers around Europe. Our ambassadors come from more than 15 countries, represent over 50 higher education institutions and orchestras and play 30 different instruments!

From classical to jazz, early music to contemporary, eStaccato ambassadors have it all!

Get in touch with our ambassadors! Log in or register for a free account to contact them or even book a lesson. Learn from the best musicians out there!

Are you a teacher?

With eStaccato, all the possibilities of the Internet are at your disposal – and all that without compromising your high standards of teaching music. Sign up for a free account to start teaching online today.

eStaccato is your ticket to the online world of music teaching.

Advise your students on even the tiniest details, eStaccato has the quality you desire.

Do you often perform away or are you involved with more than one music school?

No more missed lessons and opportunities with eStaccato. Lessons can take place everywhere. Just connect your computer to the internet and you are ready to go.

Bring your teaching online to reach out to the whole world!

You can use eStaccato to earn money from the comfort of your home.

Using eStaccato will allow you to link with students currently beyond your reach, unlocking a new market.

Get a professional profile to represent yourself to the community.

No matter if you plan on teaching or not, eStaccato will provide you with a profile to present yourself to the community.

Get in touch with students and colleagues from all corners of the world.

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